Save up to 40% on Scratch & Dent SILVER bowls! (Non-slip style)

All of the benefits of our regular bowls, but with some cosmetic flaws. We occasionally have some bowls that have some cosmetic blemishes or very small dents. These bowls work just the same as our full priced products, but we cannot sell them at full price.

The pictures are to show what kinds of blemishes may be present. These are not pictures of the actual bowl that will be sent, just a representation. We will not send anything that has damages that would render the bowl unusable. Damages are normally small dents that may have happened during shipping or manufacturing, or cosmetic blemishes that can occur during the electroplating process.

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About Us

CuBowl is a Canadian company based out of the beautiful Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. We came up with the idea after a conversation about the annoyance of having to constantly be scrubbing away the slimy layer in our dogs' water bowl. We couldn't find an unlacquered bowl made out of an oligodynamic material so we decided to make our own.

The company was founded by a former microbiology grad student and our team includes two University of British Columbia microbiology Ph.D candidates.

On February 1, 2019, CuBowl was acquired by BoxerTUFF Pet Products, a privately held Canadian pet products manufacturer. BoxerTUFF Pet Products was founded with a vision to manufacture healthy, natural pet products that adhere to our strict safety policies. We also believe in donating back to organized, registered pet rescue groups. For more information, please visit us at

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